Monday, 23 April 2012

Darkest Africa supplement!

In the Dark Continent, the "Darkest Africa" supplement for S&R, is now available.

It features 7 lists: Masai or Ngoni, African Warlords, Azande, Zanzibaris, Jungle Cannibal Tribes, Pygmies and the European Explorers and Slave Traders.

Have fun!


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

ACW lists updated

ACW lists have been updated.
Changes are:
1) Sharpshooters now get the characteristic "Skirmishers" at +2 per figure.
2) Dismounted Cavalry now get characteristic "Skirmishers", but at no extra cost.

Union dismounted cavalry (28mm Foundry, painted by Hussar Bob)

Monday, 16 April 2012

FIW and ZULU supplements updated

French and Indian War and Zulu War supplements have been updated according to the latest version of the Addenda.

Here the changes:
Zulu War
a) Zulus get the characteristic "Fast Mob" at +2pts per figure
b) British Lights cannot be all upgraded to Marksmen. The upgrade can be applied to up to 2 figures only.
c) Boers get the characteristic "Skirmishers" at +2 pts per figure.

French and Indian War
a) British Lights and Les Compagnies Franches de la Marine and get the characteristic "Light" at +3pts per figure.
b) Rangers, Courer du Bois and Indians get the characteristic "Skirmishers" at +2 pts per figure.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Updated version of the "Addenda"

An updated version of the Addenda has been uploaded.

It includes more details on the special characteristics "Lights" and "Skirmishers" and adds a new one: "Fast Mob". Yes your Zulus will be faster now!

Groups can now go faster in difficult terrain if in column (and even faster if lead by a Scout!).

In the next days there will be a general revision of the lists as these new characteristics will be added to some of the Units.

See the previous post for the LINKS to download the new file