Thursday, 29 December 2011

ACW supplement available

The American Civil War supplement for S&R is now available.
You can download it for free at THIS LINK

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Starter Napoleonic stats

As promised here a couple of generic Units for the Napoleonic period.
Generic Grenadiers/Guard and Light troops will follow.

AV=1/2/3; C=4
0-1 Officer (Leader), sword, 20 pts
0-1 Standard-bearer, flag, 13 pts
0-1 Drummer (Musician), 10 pts
1 NCO (Leader), sword, smoothbore musket (20/2), bayonet, 22 pts
6-20 Line Infantry, smoothbore musket (20/2), bayonet, 15 pts
You can upgrade the Unit to Veteran +3pts per figure

AV=1/2/3; C=4, Mounted, Scout
0-1 Officer (leader), saber, pistol (10/2), 29 pts
0-1 Standard Bearer, flag, (saber), pistol (10/2), 22 pts
0-1 Trumpet (Musician), saber, pistol (10/2), 21 pts
1 NCO (leader), sabre, carbine (16/2), pistol (10/2), 25 pts
4-12 hussars, sabre, carbine (16/2), 18 pts
They cannot aim and move within the same activation. Cannot perform Group fire.
You can upgrade the Unit to Veteran +3pts per figure.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Basic list for the ACW

An ACW supplement is on the way, but due to a growing request of lists to try S&R here a generic one suitable both for US and CSA.
A generic Napoleonic Line Unit will follow soon.

(Perry Miniatures)

AV=1/2/3; C=4
0-1 Officer (leader), sword and revolver (10/0), 24pts
1 NCO (leader), MLR Musket (30/2), bayonet, 24pts
0-1 Standard Bearer, flag, 13pts
0-1 Drummer (musician), 10pts
6-20 Privates, MLR Musket (30/2), bayonet, 19pts
This is a generic list for an average ACW trained Unit.
You can upgrade the Unit to Veteran +3pts per figure
You can upgrade one man to marksman +5pts
Confederates can give to the Unit “Impetus” at +3pts per figure
MLR= Muzzle Loading Rifle.

Notes on bayonets.
Re-loading a Muzzleloading musket (Smoothbore or Rifle) takes longer if bayonet is fixed. Add 1 to re-loading time when bayonet is fixed.
Miniatures are supposed to start the game with unfixed bayonets. Bayonets can be fixed with one action, it can be also a Group Action.

FIW supplement re-edited

A re-edited file of the FIW supplement has been uploaded.
Some wrong points and values have been fixed.
Last version is 0.2.1.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Revised lists for The New Zealand Wars

With the release of the official rules, here the revised version of the New Zealand War lists.


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Smooth&Rifled released!

We are pleased to announce that the English version of Smooth&Rifled is now available.

You can get more info and buy the PDF at this

With the official release of S&R we have uploaded an updated version of the French and Indian War supplement that can be downloaded for free at
this LINK

(28mm Galloping Major)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Italian version available

The Italian version of Smooth&Rifled has been released.
More info at this link.

The English version is scheduled for December 22.

Monday, 5 December 2011

A preview

Here a preview of the Italian version of Smooth&Rifled that will be released in around 1 week. The English version is about ready and we plan to release it before Christmas.

This first edition of the rulebook will be a 24 pages PDF and will include also 4 basic scenarios.
With the release of the official version of S&R all army list supplements will be updated and some new are on the workbench, including the ACW, the American Revolution, Darkest Africa and the Boer Wars.