Friday, 23 December 2011

Basic list for the ACW

An ACW supplement is on the way, but due to a growing request of lists to try S&R here a generic one suitable both for US and CSA.
A generic Napoleonic Line Unit will follow soon.

(Perry Miniatures)

AV=1/2/3; C=4
0-1 Officer (leader), sword and revolver (10/0), 24pts
1 NCO (leader), MLR Musket (30/2), bayonet, 24pts
0-1 Standard Bearer, flag, 13pts
0-1 Drummer (musician), 10pts
6-20 Privates, MLR Musket (30/2), bayonet, 19pts
This is a generic list for an average ACW trained Unit.
You can upgrade the Unit to Veteran +3pts per figure
You can upgrade one man to marksman +5pts
Confederates can give to the Unit “Impetus” at +3pts per figure
MLR= Muzzle Loading Rifle.

Notes on bayonets.
Re-loading a Muzzleloading musket (Smoothbore or Rifle) takes longer if bayonet is fixed. Add 1 to re-loading time when bayonet is fixed.
Miniatures are supposed to start the game with unfixed bayonets. Bayonets can be fixed with one action, it can be also a Group Action.

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