Monday, 4 April 2011

Smooth&Rifled at Hellana 2011

Here a small report of the first "official" demo of S&R.
The game (ACW) was run at Hellana 2011, the second major Italian wargame convention (in its 11th edition). It takes place in Tuscany close to Pistoia the first sunday of April.

I prepared a 120x80cm board (6 panels of 40x40cm) and developped the scenario along the longer side. I used 12 figures per side (28mm Perry).
Actually a 3feetx3feet board with that number of figures can work as well.

I made a couple of games, of about h1.30 each, including explaination on how the game works. Beeing the first public demo, players we totally ignorant about the mechanics and of course tactics were somewhat cautious in some cases.

Giuseppe (an Impetus player) is the first to try Smooth&Rifled

Confederates had an advantage in attack (charging into melee), while Unionists were classed as Veterans, a quality that gives an advantage in Saving Test (Saving Test is just for fire, so this gave more sense for Confederates to solve the affair at the bayonet).

The next test will be with some more figures. The game should work fast enough both with a few figs (10-12 per side) as well as with say 30 figs per side, with a greater use of "group actions".

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