Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Turbulent and Bloody Texas

A new exciting supplement for Smooth&Rifled.
Turbulent and Bloody Texas has been compiled by Brian Brindle and can be used to cover many sets:

US Army vs Indians (Comanches or Apaches )
US Army vs Confederates (Civil war Battles in Texas)
US Army vs Outlaws
US Army vs Mexican Banditos
Confederates vs Indians (Comanches or Apaches)
Confederates vs Outlaws
Texas Rangers vs Indians (Comanches or Apaches)
Texas Rangers vs Mexican Army
Texas Rangers vs Outlaws
Texas Rangers vs Mexican Banditos
Texas soldiers vs Mexican Army (Alamo type scenario)
Sheriff ’s Posse vs Outlaws
Sheriff ’s Posse vs vs Mexican Banditos
Sheriff ’s Posse vs Indians (Comanches or Apaches)
Comanches vs Apaches (Inter-Indian)

It also allows many historically possible skirmishes a few of the examples are:
Confederates vs Mexican Army
US Army vs Texas Rangers
Outlaws vs Indians (Comanches or Apaches)
Mexican Banditos vs Indians (Comanches or Apaches)
Mexican Army vs Indians (Comanches or Apaches)

The supplement can be downloaded for free at this

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