Monday, 26 October 2015

Some updates

We are testing (with great fun) Lords&Dragons, the fantasy version of Lords&Servants. Here a preview of the cover.
It could be released in the next months (Summer 2016?).

By February 2016 we plan to release a second edition of Lords&Servants, of course all supporting customers will receive it for free (also through Wargames Vault).
We plan also to make a printed version.

As for supplements we have been busy with the release of Baroque, but before the end of the year the 100YW supplement will be released. Crusades and XV Century Condottieri will follow by early 2016.


  1. Any update on the second edition of Lords and Servants ? I'm curious over any clarifications that might be on that edition since I haven't see many FAQ or similar online..
    Also are the fantasy rules on track ?


  2. I'm working at the Italian version as I plan to release it by February 28 in a major Italian show. The English version could be ready by Salute. I will anticipate something in the next days, nothing revolutionary by the way.

  3. I hope this gets finished and released. I'm very interested.

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